World Federal Government

There is no salvation for civilization, or even the human race, other than the creation of a world government.
– Albert Einstein

The San Francisco Promise

Establish a World Parliament
Enact World Laws

Reform UN Security Council

Create a World Judicial Court

Create United nations defense force (UNDF)
Create a World Central Bank
Create World Peace Corp



Armed Conflicts


What is World Federalism?

Is an extension of a democratic federal government on a global level, and allows nations to keep their sovereignty.  Learn More

Solving Global Problems

We live in a world dominated by global problems, but these problems cannot be solved on a national level–only as one can we solve them. Learn More

Paths to World Federation

There are several ways to achieve a world federal government and we work with other NGOs that focus on different paths to our goals. Learn More

Our Goal

We are dedicated to the transformation of the global political structure. The world’s current global systems work on a 20th-century framework that has outlived its time. Today, we need a new system which reflects the values, needs, and problems of the 21st Century. We believe that new system should be a world federal government.


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Our Leadership

Roger Kotila, Ph.D

Roger Kotila, Ph.D


Fritz Pointer, M.A.

Fritz Pointer, M.A.


Bob Hanson, PH.D

Bob Hanson, PH.D


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Current Projects

DWF is currently working on three core projects. Our content is focused on the ideas and missions stated in the projects below. We are always looking for support and help in developing our programs or projects, so if you are interested please send us an email through the contact form on our website.

DWF News Network

DWF News Network is our take on a web-based news network which will focus on foreign affair and world news. Learn More

Earth Constitution

The Earth Constitution would be a living document created by a world federal government and would be the beginning of world law. Learn More

Un Parliamentary Assembly

United Nations Parliamentary Assembly would transform the UN into a real governmental body which could enact world law. Learn More

DWF News

The Pentagon’s Cunning Plot to Militarize the Economy

Given his erratic behavior, from daily Twitter eruptions to upping his tally of lies by the hour, it’s hard to think of Donald Trump as a man with a plan. But in at least one area — reshaping the economy to serve the needs of the military-industrial complex — he’s (gasp!) a socialist in the making. His plan is now visibly taking shape — one we can see and assess thanks to a Pentagon-led study with a distinctly tongue-twisting title: “Assessing and Strengthening the Manufacturing and Defense Industrial Base and Supply Chain Resiliency of the United States.” The analysis is the brainchild of Trump’s adviser for trade and manufacturing policy, Peter Navarro, who happens to also be the key architect of the president’s trade wars…

‘Warp speed’ technology must be ‘force for good’ UN chief tells web leaders

He pointed out more than “90 per cent of the data that exists today in the world was created in the two last years,” noting that what while it used to cost $1 million to store a megabyte of data, the current price tag is less than two cents.
Technologies like blockchain – digital records linked together using encryption – or gene testing are now common technologies, he continued. “Artificial intelligence is everywhere, helping to buy and sell shares, helping police surveillance and even helping people to choose their soul mates,” he said. He asserted that technology is yielding enormous benefits…

A World Without Trade Deficits

John Maynard Keynes needs no introduction as the most important economist of the 20th century. His theories have shaped modern economics like few others. However, his vision for the international trade system, or bancor for short, has been mostly forgotten. As with anything even remotely Keynesian, the idea of bancor had a mini-resurgence in the wake of the 2009 crisis. George Monbiot wrote an article regarding bancor in the Guardian and the governor of the Bank of China, Zhou Xiaochuan, praised the idea in a speech. But this buzz has since died down. Bancor is a radical rethinking of international trade…

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