There can be no world peace

without world-wide justice.

No universal world justice

without enforceable world law.

And no usable world law

without a world government

to create and make it work.

All based on the vote and good will

of the world’s people and, yes, nature!

Natures rules are simple and brutal.

As are nuclear and future weapons of war!

So we MUST now use “non-violence”

and our emotionally laced intellect

to rise above our base instincts and

handle warring, earth deep pollution

and the coming “warming”!

Old, drafted peace warriors should

be our first line of defense and change.

We can make a revolution

to create a world government,

peacefully and democratically

and grow into our more noble ideals

before, before

the next man-made

holocaust or worldwide war!

© by Bob Neumann on 6/26/18 144 words

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