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United Nations Reform through UN Charter Review
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San Francisco, California

UN Charter Review

We believe it is urgent to help the United Nations in this time of global crises. The UN Charter is holding back needed changes. The Democratic World Federalists is calling for the United Nations General Assembly to launch a review of the out of date. We need support from the world community.

San Francisco 1945

A conference to adopt the UN Charter in San Francisco. This was a great moment in human history because it signified the steps towards a unified humanity.

A Promise

An article by DWF board member Bob Hanson describing the need for UN charter review and reform, and his history with the SF Promise.

UN Historic moment

An essay provided by the United Nations that goes through the history of the UN’s creation and the steps taken to establish the first conference.


The UN Charter is an obsolete system in a 21st-century world that is interconnected and in need of world law.

Charter Review?

UN nations will review the current body charter and make changes as needed.

Want to Help?

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How do we Succeed?

We need a 2/3 vote from the 195 nations in the UN General Assembly to launch Charter Review. Call or email the ambassador of 2 or 3 nations at the UN and tell them you are lobbying for the UN to start an official review of its Charter.

DWF Mission & Vision

we need to create a world of peace, Justice, and sustainable growth for all

The United Nations has had many accomplishments over the past 70 years and more, but we need to make it even better. Today the UN is simply a place where agreements are made but there is nothing behind the organization which holds nations to account other than the old tool of centuries past, WAR! We need to change that.

DWF News Network

The San Francisco Promise

November 6, 2018: Producer and Writer Etienne Bowie

World Federal Government

Through United Nations charter review we can create a world federal governing system transforming the way the politics and government work around the world. If created this government would be established by all humans and would be a first in our humanity’s history.
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The Changes we need

United Nations Reforms

World Parliament

A governmental body with representation from every government in the world. To simplify it would be a government of governments.

World Court

World Central Bank

The World Federal Bank would be similar to John M. Keynes idea of the Bancor–a global banking system that would create a fixed exchange-rate between nations

UNSC Expansion

Expanding the UN Security Council would bring more countries on-board making it difficult for powerful nations to control global defense

World Peace Corp

United Nations Federation

The end goal of the San Francisco Promise is the UNF: a world federal government under the United Nations Charter — the dream of post-WWII leaders that never happened

World Law

UN Defense Force

The UNDF would replace the need for unilateral military decisions by powerful nations and instead would be a neutral force in any conflict

Global Peace Summit

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United Nations Security Council Reform

Oct 23-24, 2018 @ 8:30AM-12:30PM
Online Videoconference

Presented by the Center for United Nations Constitutional Research, Democratic World Federalists, Igarapé Institute, and Institute for Security Studies

How to Assemble Parliamentary Assemblies

Nov 27-28, 2018 @ 9:30AM-4:30pm
Brussels | Belgium

Presented by the Center for United Nations Constitutional Research, Democracy without Borders, European Parliament, ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Association, and more

United Nations International Space Law

Fall 2019 – Date TBA
San Francisco, CA | USA

Presented by the Center for United Nations Constitutional Research, Democratic World Federalists, and there will be more organizations involved by we are still planning the event

Our Partners

Other things you should know about






World Constitution and Parliament Association

The WCPA is a worldwide organization working with love and dedication for planetary peace, justice, freedom, and sustainability. We are widely affiliated with human rights organizations, environmental organizations, peace organizations, and other concerned groups working for a decent future of planet Earth.

Campaign for a Un Parliamentary Assembly

The campaign advocates a UNPA within civil society at all levels, gains support from non-governmental organizations, and works towards achieving popular awareness of a UNPA as a response to the democratic deficit in global governance. The overall goal is to mobilize government support to establish of a UNPA.

Center for UN Constitutional Research

A not-for-profit independent think-tank, the primary mission of which is to provide research and policy recommendations concerning the Charter and the structure of the United Nations (UN) in the direction of achieving the Charter Preamble’s “we the peoples” ideals and objectives and towards its constitutionalization.
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